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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kind - Rocket Science

Fuzzed out, loud, and oh so very stoned Kind is something of a doom metal supergroup, this four piece features members of Elder, Black Pyramid, The Scimitar, Roadsaw and Rozamov - and they sound pretty much like you would expect them too. That being said - that's exactly how you want a band like this to sound. Full to the brim with powerful riffs, earthy vocals, and the occasional acoustic part (!) their debut Rocket Science is a surprisingly brainy take on the current wave of doom metal. Sludgy and destructive, there is no escaping the sonic menace of this band.

As you find yourself gradually becoming mesmerized with the potent trudge of this record it becomes harder and harder to drag yourself away. While yeah - the standard influences are all here, there is something about Kind's sound that sets them apart from the imitators. Maybe it's the individual members years on the road and studio experience, or maybe it's just the magic combination of these dudes coming together in a room - but something about Rocket Science is endlessly enjoyable - suggesting that there is a lot more to creating bluesy riff heavy doom than just a thorough knowledge of the pentatonic scale. And the fact of the matter is - as these things develop we're going to find ourselves more enthralled with the little supergroup that could, and that will, one day dominate the doom scene.

Kind truly understand what it means to create vibrant doom metal and take tried and true elements to a bold new realm. The cry of "I say fuck yeah!" that defines the intro to Fast Number One represents the pure rock and roll magic that defines Rocket Science and will have devotees coming back again and again. Kind understand the poignant magic of a genre that so many choose to ignore and with a diverse and fun record they have proven that they may very well be the new act to watch in town - only time will tell.

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