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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Steve Moore - Cub - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

There is something distinctly - and wonderfully - distressing about the soundtrack to Cub. As if Steve Moore was trying to tear at the listeners guts and subject them to the bitter unreality of being. The point I'm trying to make is that with his understated synthesizer soundscapes Steve Moore has unveiled a strange new reality that is hard to fully describe an yet it taps so nicely into the world of extreme music that it makes total sense that it's being put out by Relapse. Cub speaks to the terror of the human condition and really gives the listener something to chew on.

In some ways this soundtrack is reminiscent of Metal Machine Music it operates at the borders of the human psyche and leaves you wondering what kind of fucked up world you're living in. The entire sonic experience communicated by the soundtrack is stunning and at times jaw dropping. The ominous power of a track like Arrival with its eerie post rock power is delicious - it shows a profound sense of self destruction and yet couches it in what almost feels like a classical context. These soundscapes with their unusual intervals and modern sensibility create a sense of uncertainty, leaving you curious for more - starving for whatever reality can best satisfy the listener.

This is a soundtrack that speaks to the human condition and shows that Steve Moore has gone above and beyond as a composer. The innate poetry of his work is incredibly beautiful - cleansing soul searching music for the modern age. I'm not normally too into soundtracks, but this one is something different, something that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the genre and might make an even more potent artistic statement than the film itself. Steve Moore understands what it means to be human and gives us a chance to feel alive. 

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