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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Body & Krieg - S/T

I've been receiving some truly excellent promos lately and I'm happy to be around at such an exciting time for metal. This weeks record that is blowing my mind to hell and back is of course The Body and Kriegs collaboration, the absolutely stunning masterpiece that sees both bands operating at their finest. The Body, by now well known for engaging in collaborations seem to be on top of their game - perhaps even outdoing their last piece of genius, their collaboration with though. Meanwhile - Krieg seem as bleak as ever and continue to leave me impressed.

Listening to these guys come together is strangely intimate. There is a very human sense of despair that accentuates the magic of both bands. Chip King and Neil Jameson balance off of each other perfectly. The vaguely industrial drums give a strangely futuristic vibe to the music and help to create a sense of bitter nihilism that dominates the record. You find yourself getting lost in increasingly bleak soundscapes, unable to escape the terrifying nihilistic cries of tracks like Never Worth Your Name. Simply put - this may very well be the darkest record of the year, and perhaps one of the best sludge metal releases of all time.

That being said - this collaboration transcends sludge metal, metal, or even music in general. There are certainly moments where I'm left grasping, wondering, is this even music? And that's part of what I love about it. As you find yourself increasingly stuck in the miserable dead end path hat is this record it becomes impossible to extricate yourself from the sublime darkness that defines its aural annihilation. This is an album that refuses to be ignored because it is simply that goddamn good, prepare your body, this may be the album of the year.

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