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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Immortal Bird - Empress/Abscess

Immortal Bird comes from Chicago and brings forth their second release, “Empress / Abscess”. It carries over the roots of foundation that were laid down in , “Akrasia”. They also continued the visual aspect o the front cover art concept. Similar animated approach with a bird of some sort in the picture. Artwork reminds me heavily of the main songwriter in Baroness.

“Empress / Abscess”, is a substantial progression from the first release. This record is more focused with the ideas and song structure. The guitar is more dissonant, yet the flow of each track is smooth and easily lets the listener drift off into the subtle conscience of Immortal Bird. “Sycophant”, is a powerfully solid track that gives us a heavy rock influence within the driving force of this somewhat hardcore infused black metal. It’s nice to hear a drummer be able to show their creativity. Switching up the beat not only throughout the album but throughout each track as well. The songs don’t follow a formula, they stand on their own. The vocals are wretched and enhance the musical composition. The vocals aren’t overly high pitched or sound like a creature from another dimension. The purity in her delivery reminds me of Fuck the Facts and or Walls of Jericho. “To A Watery Grave”, is that song with the unforgettable lead melody. To call it epic would be a grave understatement. “Saprophyte”, is a definite highlight of their black metal influence. With their being tons of black metal bands these days, it’s quite refreshing when a band such as Immortal Bird delivers their own form.

“Empress / Abscess”, is yet another gem from Broken Limbs Records. The album paints beautiful atmospheres and consumes you within its soundscapes. Drenched in melody and crisp production, this album will wash over you. Immortal Bird is one of those bands that leave’s you wanting more at the end of each sonic catharsis. I greatly look forward to their next release.



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