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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Witch Mountain and Superjoint Ritual at the Electric Factory

Ride the Megabus for a couple of hours, trek a half a mile and suddenly you find yourself at a Danzig show - of course, I ended up missing Danzig, but I did get a chance to see two of my favorite bands on the scene today. Witch Mountain and Superjoint Ritual both tore up the Electric Factory last night and left me with a lot to think about - wholly indoctrinated into the sonic triumph that both bands represent. Gloriously heavy and strangely cleansing watching two bands I've seen play so many times over the years is always a good time.

Kayla Dixon and Quentin Brown seem more comfortable than ever with their place in the Witch Mountain lineup. It's strange for me to watch Witch Mountain - I've seen them in a diverse range of circumstances, from tiny club shows, to massive festivals, and no matter where they are, and no matter the lineup - they always manage to kill it. The fact of the matter is that Kayla Dixon might very well be the best frontperson in metal - at least in terms of raw performance skills. Her theater background is readily apparent as she crawls catlike across the stage, reveling in her newfound status as a doom metal goddess. Witch Mountain are one of the most happening bands in the doom simply because they resonate with the listener, primal, exciting, and always fresh - this is what heavy metal should be.

Superjoint Ritual - A band I've seen four times this summer where in fact better than ever. I think that having a shorter set keeps the band grinding harder than ever - on point and ferocious. The southern sludge derived riffs that define the band lunge at your ear drums as you feel the urgency pressuring Anselmo as he positively dominates the stage. The utter ferocity that drives his performance is endlessly engaging and proves to me at least that he is a force to be reckoned with. Now - halfway through their second real tour this year the band seem to be really hitting their stride, crushing stages with a sense of pride and swagger. These guys are in full control now and are simply in love with being Superjoint - and that makes it all the better. Superjoint Ritual are one of the most exciting bands in metal right now simply because despite their combined years on the road they remain vital and endlessly exciting - true to the spirit of rock and roll.

At the end of the night, as I rode to my parents house with some old friends I had bumped into at the show I couldn't help but feel wholly satisfied in what I had witnessed. Both of these bands shine ever brighter with ever passing tour. Perhaps that's the way it should be, but as I grow ever more jaded that's certainly not what I've seen. Outshining all the competition on a stacked bill these bands remember what makes heavy metal matter and the deeper you delve the harder it is to ever find your way out.

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