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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Arkaik - Lucid Dawn

Arkaik are a part of a movement - a movement of exciting new technical death metal bands that push the boundaries of the genre without being wanky or overtly pretentious. Instead they are exciting, powerful, and endlessly entertaining ripping out riff after riff and dazzling the listener with sonic salvation. Wonderfully constructed and always interesting Lucid Dawn will keep you guessing, but also digging ever deeper into what the band has been able to craft on this record - a wholly unique release in a crowded scene.

Everything about this record has the potential to fascinate - from the rather unique feel behind the melodic lines to some of the powerful Terrence Mckenna-esque voice overs that define the nearly sixteen minute long closing track Temple Aflame.The way this album is constructed keeps you continually falling forward into the record, getting ever deeper invested with every passing track. Lucid Dawn is one of those records that has the ability to suck you up and take over your world and give you a chance to revel in the murk. You find yourself rapidly becoming indoctrinated into the unholy aural magic of this band - and it's impossible to escape.

Arkaik are shaping the future of a genre that God forgot, and I think that Lucid Dawn may very well be the final straw - the record that pushes them into the big time and makes them the premier technical death metal band of their generation. Tastefully arranged and audaciously orchestrated it's easy to fall in love with Arkaik's distinct sound. These Californian freaks have clearly created a labor of love with Lucid Dawn and with ever passing moment you can feel the love behind the immense travail that is this album.

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