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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Christian Death - Atrocities

Christian Death is one of those bands I'd always heard about but never really had had the chance to really dig in too. So when I got the opportunity to delve into what the band was all about with their latest Season of Mist re-releases I jumped at the chance to dig into Atrocities and rapidly found myself falling in love with the sonic salvation and strangely liberating darkness that the sublime and oftentimes ominous sounds of Atrocities can represent - then again, maybe i'm ust a hopeless fucking romantic.

The appeal of Christian Death should be immediately apparent. By this point in their careers the band knew how to write a top notch record and listening to their wonderfully dark and well crafted soundscapes is a fun journey. The raw chaos that defines some of these tracks (Ventriloquist in particular comes to mind) is offset by the sense of poetry ad almost The Cure like magic that can guide others into spiritual absolution. Perhaps more than any other band of their day and age, Christian Death saw the misery of the human condition and provided us a way out - a way to look beyond the traditional qualms that give so many of us pause and instead tech out to find a way through the storm.

Atrocities does more than provide shelter thought. Its sense of darkness goes so far as to take the listener by the hand and lift them out - giving them a path of their own to find liberation. There is something incredibly personal about Atrocities that suggests to me that every individual will have a very different interpretation of what the band is all about - or at least what the whole point of his record is. What you hear on Atrocities reflects what you find within yourself and gives us all a chance to beat on - boats against the current borne ceaselessly back into the past.

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