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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Parius - Saturnine

Saturnine cover art

2015 hasn't been a great year for death metal - it happens, and it sucks, but whatever. That being said - Parius have been able to put together some truly excellent music on their debut Saturnine, an absolute motherfucker of a record that belies their age and hints at impressive musical mastery. Chock to the brim with chunky angular riffs Saturnine is exactly the kind of thing you can jam while roaring down the highway or powering through a Friday afternoon at work. It's a metal record that carries you forward - and hints at great things to come.

Of course - Saturnine isn't without it's drawbacks, and though it is a very strong record I definitely do find the lyrics a bit over the top and silly at times. Of course - that's to be expected from a young death metal act just finding its feet and it doesn't overshadow the quality of the songwriting. There is something simply exciting about how these guys approach the music - some of these riffs are simply a circle pit incarnate and gets my heart racing even as I type this on Thanksgiving eve in my grandparents fashionable South Florida condo. The point being - Saturnine is a blast to listen too and every crushing riff will get your heart racing and ever deeper in love with the sheer bombast of this band.

Parius have a great sense of self and are fully aware of what they want to be. Their is a wonderful inherent sense of drama to Saturnine that will see you falling ever deeper in love with the record with each passing spin. These guys are clearly guitar geeks and death metal nerds. The quality of the instrumental tone, flashy solos, and the supercharged (And wonderfully executed) vocals are testaments to this. Living somewhere between Lamb of God, Dethklok and the Black Dahlia Murder, Parius have managed to create something wholly their own that has the potential to ring out for years to come.

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