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Monday, November 30, 2015

El Caco - 7

Norwegian hard rockers El Caco are back with one of their most vibrant and exciting releases to date. 7 is more than just a rock record - it's an album that fuses ideas and concepts together into a promising release that will get straight to your heart and force you to raise the horns in the air in unholy salute to all that this band represents. El Caco get the spirit of rock and roll and use their diverse sound to craft something that reflects the very spirit of the genre and all that it can mean and represent.

The deeper I delve into this album the more I realize that a huge part of what I love about 7 is how good it sounds. The quality of the production is insane and allows the punchy riffing on a song like Sickness to really resound with the listener. Toss in a few anthemic choruses that channel a punk rock energy on top of a grungy sense of songwriting and you start to get a sense for what El Caco is all about. Their is almost a manic sentiment behind the music here, the demented struggles of all that El Caco represent coming out with every tortured shout and then resonating in passages that let the listener soar.

Based on duality and emphasizing a stellar guitar tone El Caco get at why people like me love this kind of music. Simply put - 7 is a whole lot of fun to listen to and every single song just plain works. Coming at you from several directions at once it's easy to see why the band has achieved so much critical acclaim over the years - and its clear to me at least that they are set for much more. 7 is another step forward for a band that have been driving the rock machine for three decades - so let it ring out, loud and proud.

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