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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lefutray - Oath

Lefutray are the kind of Chilean thrash metal band that evidence why that country's scene is held in such high regard. The crazed riffing and demonic screaming that defines their latest record, Oath tears at the listener, and even circle pit inducing songs like the first real track, The World Infected, speak to a much darker reality and one that is rarely truly touched on in the thrash metal canon. What Lefutray are doing is bringing a new level of dialogue to thrash with a wonderfully bleak sound that still will let you crack a smile every now and then.

There is something inherently charming about the angular riffing and hyper speed bends that help to give this album definition. Toss in some very powerful death growls that seem also torn from the frontman and you start to realize that Lefutray are a thrash band that speak to more than just the thrash crowd. Though the band understands the sheer power of riffs they get the importance of bringing other genres into the mix to keep things exciting, devilish and diverse. With occasional breakdowns and more than a few tints of death metal, Oath remains a varied and interesting listen through and through.

As you delve into Oath you come to realize that Lefutray have done a great job of cultivating a sound that is their very own - a far too rare thing in this modern age. Their chunky riffing filled with flurries of notes and grooves reminiscent of Metallica is a blast to listen too and communicates a sense of bombast that is found in all of the best thrash metal. Lefutray aren't afraid to play by their own rules and though they certainly fit into the thrash metal polemic Oath proves that they can do so much more.

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