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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Khmer/Livstid - Split

Ten inch splits are a wholly different animal from the ore traditional seven inch one. That is even moreso the case when you get an interesting little gem like this one - where Khmer give us a ten minute song for one side and Livstid eight gloriously violent crust punk odes of their own. It's always fascinating for me too hear a pair of bands as demented as these two from far removed corners of the world coming together to produce some of the great art of our generation. In many ways it proves that the split is in a better place than ever before.

Khmer are inherently fascinating to me. Though I'd never heard of them before this split you have to admire a band with this level of poetry behind their work. when you listen to Khmers you are exposed to a bit of everything, but filtered through a lens of crust punk and black metal. The crushingly sad bridge of their sole contribution to the record Himno A Las Llamas is stunning and builds wonderfully into an apocalyptic explosion of noise that leaves you gasping for air. Meanwhile - Livstid unleash ferocious and raw crust punk all over their side of the split. The demented energies found within the band are absolutely stunning and help us to see the inherent madness hat makes this genre great. Livstid understand the leak and demented realities of this world but give us a chance to transcend - and at the end of the day - what more can fuck ups like us want?

And so we find ourselves writhing in the murk - reveling in the blessed darkness that these bands represent and unable to escape the harsh realities that have defined our homelands. This is the kind of split that gives us a chance t olook back at our fucked up pasts and realize that punk rock gives us an escape. Sure the solution may be gritty, grimy, and by and large kind of scary - but that's a part of the beauty of it. And when you're lost in twisted sonic bliss of the sort these bands are known for it's impossible to stop listening.

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