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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dendritic Arbor - Sentient Village//Obsolecent Garden

I don't know why I love bleak music so much. Perhaps that is my fate. There is no real escape from the harsh realities of the darkest elements of metal once you've found yourself deeply invested and incredibly in love. Such is the pain and pleasure behind Dendritic Arbors latest record – the earth shaking, and strangely terrifying release that is Sentient Village//Obsolecent Garden. Featuring all the braininess we have come to expect from this band – it's hard to deny yourself of their magical and overwhelming sound – the point being, this is an EP for the ages.

One of the things that really strikes me about Sentient Village//Obsolecent Garden is the use of ambient sounds as interludes. It gives you a sense of liberation and quiet in between moments of roaring calamity. It's easy to succumb to the inherently terrifying nature of what Dendritic Arbor have created here – but as I delve ever deeper I find myself more and more in love with the sheer beauty of the composition and the sense of oneness that the piece is able to communicate. That being said – despite the continuity of the record Dendritic Arbor have still managed to create something inherently fucked up that I think will definitely alienate a lot of potential fans.

Of course – it's the demented nature of Sentient Village//Obsolecent Garden that makes it so valuable to so many people. If the band strayed from their famously twisted sound it would be a lot harder for folks like me to genuinely love this record. As is – Dendritic Arbor have managed to invoke a very specific sense of magic in this latest release. There is a strange otherworldly sentiment that allows this record to engage the listener and guides us forward as a collective. And while it may be easy to dismiss this album – true fans will be able to dig deep and find sonic salvation.

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