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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Monolithe - Epsilon Aurigae

Monolithe are one of those bands that I've been listening too from a surprisingly young age - only because I found out about them through one of those badass French underground zines that got me deep into the music very quickly. Their latest release - the incredibly intimidating and typically iconoclastic Epsilon Aurigae sees three fifteen minute long tracks coming together to create one of the most straight up destructive doom metal records of the year - an album that breaks all the rules and forces you face weird, fucked up new realities. 

The bands crushing sense of melody and the devastating harmonies that help to make them so exciting have  a tendency to end up downright terrifying. It's hard to handle the aural blasphemies that this band evokes - especially for the uninitiated. Epsiolon Aurigae is not meant to guide you into the world of doom metal. The punishing growls, multilayered mixes and droning riffs transcend any sort of mainstream bullshit. Rather Monolithe do what has always made them great - a demented sense of their own humanity that drives the entire genre forward and reveals the sublime darkness tis kind of music can have.

Monolithe are the true French doom masters. They are seemingly destined for greatness on a scene that God forgot and who the public by and large ignores. The inherent darkness of Monolithe is potent, beautiful, and beyond words. These guys are the Yob of their continent - forcing you to confront your own fucked up reality and bend the knee in honor of the almighty power of a music that will never be the same again. Epsilon Aurigae is doom in its purest form, so turn it up and let your heart stop.

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