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Monday, November 9, 2015

Tombstones - Vargariis

I was first exposed to Tombstones when I saw them perform on a stacked bill alongside Witch Mountain and the almighty Crowbar. I remember being impressed, and also getting obscenely drunk -  but it was a good night overall. I am very pleased to say that their new record - the endlessly engaging and wonderfully rifftastic Vargariis. These Norwegian sludge masters have created something with an impressive sense of forward momentum, a roaring majesty and an overarching sense of aural triumph.

As you delve ever deeper into Vargariis you find yourself all the more invested in what this band does. They are the rare stoner metal group who manage to take you on a veritable journey and give you a chance to look deep into the darkest parts of your own psyche. You navigate unique spaces that few other bands in this style dare to tread. Since their last release Tombstones have only grown more bombastic and the incredible passion and love behind their music becomes ever more engaging. It speaks to the growth that the band has experienced - we see them rising up and becoming the riff lords of their generation.

The inherent drama of Vargariis is fascinating - it speaks to a larger truth and shows that stoner rock doesn't have to just be a bunch of potheads aping Black Sabbath. What Tombstones do on this record is bring together a variety of genres we as metalheads have come to love and gives us a chance to dig ever deeper into a distinct and poignant sound. A band marked by tragedy Tombstones drive ever forward creating ever more potent music that any fan of the heavy stuff can dig. Tombstones have made stoner rock transcendent.

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