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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Slomatics - Flooding the Weir

Perhaps the greatest of their generation of bands Slomatics creat incredible and trasncendent fuzz rock that is impossible to deny. Their ominous drones and swooping soundscapes are the kind of thing that leave you banging your fist and crying out to a god whose existence you suddenly doubt. Flooding The Weir was recently re-released to hype the bands upcoming full length - and I have to say - few records hit as hard, and get straight to the point as well as this particular effort from Belfasts sludgiest band.

There is a very organic majesty to what Slomatic have accomplished on Flooding the Weir. You find yourself pulsating along to very natural feeling tunes that have a strange otherworldly sense to them. The faded out vocals that occasionally fall on top of mountainous riffs only add to the extra terrestrial weirdness of it all. See - the sound of Slomatics is the sound of giant charging into battle and their every crushing beat is a footfall, full of ominous energy that leaves you wondering what the hell is going to happen to you next. The raw darkness of the music is undeniable and overwhelms the listener - Flooding the Weir is worth multiple listens - just perhaps not consecutively.

Rich and full of the sort of riffs that I one day hope to be able to write Slomatics are fully aware of the raw bombast of their music. And now they sit - getting ready to release another record and fully aware that they are among the most influential bands on the doom scene today. This is a band that defined the genre before it was even really a thing and that's a huge part of what makes this release so special. Flooding the Weir is a huge part of what defined the rules of modern doom and gives a fascinating look into the minds of these geniuses - dig it.

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