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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sacrilege - Behind The Realms Of Madness

Sacrilege are one of those bands from the 80s that are far too often ignored. But with a sound that feels like a circle pit incarnate and a blistering sonic attack that speaks to the magic of the scene Sacrilege should have been able to establish themselves as metal masters in their own right. The kind of band who can appeal equally to punks and metalheads their classic record Behind The Realms Of Madness has now been re-issued by Relapse for all of us longhaired and spiky haired maniacs who grew up loving this shit.

The raw energy that defines Behind The Realms Of Madness makes itself felt in nearly every aspect of the bands presentation - be it the sonic abuses that come from the chuggy guitar riffs or the high powered solos, Sacrilege clearly get it. There is a strange magic to Lynda Simpson's high powered vocals to - she's one of those folks who simply reeks of punk rock majesty and whose pure not-give-a-fuckitude can't help but rub off on the listener. This record is special because it stands as the perfect mixture of a variety of genres and leaves me excited, begging for more, and wondering where the music will take me next. Sacrilege managed to take a stripped back formula and make it into something truly special - a notion that far too few bands would even dare attempt in this modern age.

Sacrilege were for far too long an unturned stone - and I for one am extremely glad that we have a label like Relapse to bring them back into the public eye. It's suff like this that makes the music industry so special and makes it so hard for people like me to deny the kind of power that this music has. Behind The Realms Of Madness in all of its Lord of the Rings derived fervor stands up as an album that you can't help but like. Coming at you from one of the most ferocious underground scenes the world has ever known it would be sacrilege to ignore this release.

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