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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sunn O))) - Kannon

Well - this happened. Sunn O))) the band I use to pick up strange women in shady bars has put out a new record. And it is glorious. Droning, sliding, and generally spewing the kind of magic that makes this band so great in the first place. What I'm trying to say is that with Kannon Sunn O))) will tear apart your reality and force you to face weird realities that you never before even knew existed. Sunn 0))) have once again lived up to the hype and ripped every expectation to shreds, proving that they are the one, the only, and the greatest.

This record functions as a triad - each part feeding into the next and leading into an ouroboric whole. There is something strangely cleansing about Kannon - by the time it's finished you feel as if you have traveled across the world and through the sands of time. The cosmic might of Sunn O))) has never been more clear than on this record - and for good reason. After all - this band represents the best and brightest - perhaps the most exciting group in the world - but for all the wrong reasons. Kannon pushes new boundaries in the world of slow, depraved, and crushingly heavy music, proving for once and for all that there is a whole lot more to drone than just repeated guitar chords. The eeriness and insanity of Kannon is unfuckwithable.

At the end of the day - Kannon is perhaps Sunn O)))'s most impressive wok to date, and considering the varied and grandiose history of the band that's really saying something. This duo have driven things forward in ways I never even considered possible and have made me hungry for more. If nothing else Kannon will get you diving into Sunn O)))'s immense back catalog and falling in love once again with what the band has always strived for. This is a record that will shatter the soul - and if you're ready, it could change you forever.

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