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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Autopsy - Skull Grinder

Any day that there is new Autopsy material is a good day if you ask me. And it seems that the band has gotten even better in their four year absence since Macabre Eternal. The eerie majesty of the band is beautifully contrasted by breakneck riffs and a sense of bloodlust that will put even the most dedicated fan on edge. Skull Grinder sees Autopsy putting out some of their best material ever and forcing the listener to confront the demented remains of their own humanity. What I'm trying to say is that these guys fucking kill.

From the initial blasting riff on Strung Up And Gutted to the final twisted strains of Return To Dead Autopsy do it all on this record - hell, there are even some tracks that almost feel doomy! The polymerization of genres that we get here, from old school death metal to post-music is fascinating and helps to make this album inherently interesting. While I won't boast in depth familiarity with the Autopsy discography I think it's safe to say that even with just seven tracks Autopsy have been able to put together one of their most diverse records yet. It's encouraging to see that a band this entrenched in death metal feels like they can still expand sonically - if they can do it, what the hell is holding you back?

The point being - Skull Grinder is a veritable monster of an album and one that pushes the boundaries of death metal in all the right ways. Groovy, demented, and endlessly exciting Autopsy have always been among the best of the best and with this album they are only affirming their place in the death metal canon. There is a lot to pick apart in Skull Grinder and it will leave any death metal devotee peeling back the layers for many a spin. After that - what more can I say? Dive on in - the blood is fine!

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