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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Deformatory - Malediction

For someone who writes about metal every single day I'm really not that into death metal - that's a big part of what makes Deformatory's latest record, the immortal Malediction so special. Squirrely, destructive, oftentimes overwhelming and always fucking heavy as all get out this is an early bid for death metal record of the year in 2016. Deformatory, perhaps more than any other band out there right now understand the sublime darkness of the genre and have been able to create some truly punishing music as a result of it. 

Simply put - Deformatory sound absolutely monstrous on Malediction. The crushing riffs and devastating growls that dominate this record come togheter with frightening precision and the absolute suffering invoked in a song like A Hideous Veneration is absolutely stunning. What's perhaps most impressive in all of this is despite how technical they are and how dense the sound can get Deformatory remain distinct and clearly their own thing. The vision behind this band is clear cut and interesting - brilliantly executed and easy to get in to. I believe that Deformatory have the capacity to do in 2016 what Horrendous did in 2015.

Here's the thing, Deformatory aren't turning the genre on its head, nor are they totally breaking out of the box - they are just taking every traditional aspect of good death metal and doing it better than everyone else. Malediction is a force not because it breaks boundaries but simply because the guys in the band happen to be the absolute best t what they do and that rings out in every song. Few records are as balls out intense as this one and few ever will be Deformatory are absolutely fucking insane, don't you forget.

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