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Monday, December 14, 2015

Sunpocrisy - Eyegasm, Hallelujah

Drown Within Records has a long reputation of putting out some of the best post metal and funding music that is truly an evolution on what the genre is capable of. Sunpocrisy are perhaps the latest and greatest in this generation of bands - their new record Eyegasm, Hallelujah is a transcendent long form release that will carry you off to distant lands and force you to come face to face with your own humanity. The epic orchestrations and transcendent compositions within are stunning and could very well change your life.

The thing that really gets me about Eyegasm, Hallelujah is the layering within. The gentle pulsating tones of these songs gives the album a unique feel - reminiscent of acts like Alcest, but Sunpocrisy are much darker than that turning over to sublime evil to drench the listener in darkness. Stepping on board Eyegasm, Hallelujah can certainly feel like being on the escalator to heaven but Sunpocrisy are not afraid to turn around and launch you straight back to hell. This is a band who understand how to balance dark and light and use their wonderful soundscapes to give the entire record a distinct vibe that will get you coming back time and time again.

Simply put - Sunpocrisy have put together a wondrous display of their musicianship on Eyegasm, Hallelujah and they have proven, to me at least, that their is a lot more to this band than might initially meet the eye. This is a group who have been able to fuse traditional prog ideas alongsides black and post metal to create an album that sounds rich and diverse, carrying you forom one peak to another and then leaving you broken and torn in a twisted muddy ditch - Eyegasm, Hallelujah is a soundtrack to life - get ready to dig in.

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