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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Demon - Taking The World By Storm

There is something to be said for rock and roll with swagger - I mean how many bands have the sheer balls to come out with a track titled 'Commercial Dynamite'? There's a reason that Taking The World By Storm, well... took the world by storm back when it was released. Its sense of swagger and balls out fun is incredible and will get you pumping your fist in the sky as you let out a rebel yell against a world that failed. With powerful guitar solos and some truly epic tunes, Taking The Word By Storm remains vibrant twenty six years later.

I think one of the things that gets me with this record spin after spin is the sense of melody. Simply put - Demon know how to write a great fucking rock song. A shorter punchier song like Taking The World By Storm (Which is honest to God, one of the best metal songs that I have EVER heard, despite feeling vaguely Spinal Tap-y) serves as a perfect counterpoint to perhaps the bands finest ode, Remembrance Day (A Song For Peace) which features an epic climb at the end that leaves you feeling triumphant. The sense of riffing that defines the album helps to keep Demons work here to the point. It's hard not to enjoy the vicious crunch of these tracks, it gets to the spirit of what heavy metal is, yet it rarely gets so heavy as to be truly alienating.

At the end of the day, Demon are a bunch of truly talented musicians and Taking The World By Storm is a gem - one that begs more recognition because it is simply that damn good. Demon understand the fundamental nature of heavy metal and as they chug forward using uptempo riffs to find their way into your heart it becomes harder and harder to deny that this is a band who truly get it. All I can wonder now is why didn't they get the attention they deserved? Alas - such is the nature of the beast, and we love it anyway.

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  1. Thank God or should it be Demon, Mike Stone

  2. Have all of their records and I always thought that somehow the name "Demon" put them out of the suceess, which they pursued so much (IMO). Take the World by a Storm is japanese rock oriented and could be the O.S.T. for many american 80s movies. Dave Hill is one of the bests vocalists of all time.