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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Exmortus - Ride Forth

I'll be honest - as silly as they are, Exmortus's Ride Forth is one of my most anticipated metal albums of 2016. In a world where a lot of bands are trying to push the boundaries on what metal can be or where it can go (Which is awesome) it's nice to have something that is unabashedly heavy metal, with rippling muscles, snorting horses galore. Exmortus understand what it means to make a record that pulls its own weight and gets your heart thundering with anticipation at the rock and roll majesty found within. Exmortus are a heavy metal band for heavy metal fans - making over the top and fun music that we can all identify with.

The sheer bombast of Ride Forth is a lot of fun to get invested in. This is a band who understand what it means to create music that is, quite frankly, nothing but a good time. That being said, as you listen to songs of war and triumph you can't help but notice that Exmortus have grown rapidly as songwriters in recent years. The sense of melody the band has, while always strong, seems to be much better now and seems to suggest great things to come. Even though 2015 was a fairly weak year for death metal Exmortus seems to proudly resonate with all of the crazed magic that made the genre so fun in the first place.

As much as it might be an insult to call a band 'fun' especially in this day and age I feel like that's the only way to describe what Exmortus do. It's a good time listening to them rip it up and your heart will start pounding as they drive forward ever harder, ever faster. A record with big choruses you can scream along with and nifty solos that you can air guitar all day in your bedroom Exmortus get what people need from a metal record in these hard ties - not absolution or cleansing but merely an escape from a bleak reality.

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