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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Diabolical Messiah - Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!

There is an inherent evil to death metal that is largely forgotten on the North American continent and in Europe, this is a huge part of what makes the scene in South America and India so valuable, bands come along like Diabolical Messiah, who put out records that understand the fundamental power of the genre. Their latest record Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! is an absolute stunner - speaking to the eternal power of death metal and giving us all a chance to revel in the evil and blackened soundscapes the band creates.

Chainsaw riffs and black metal tendencies tend to ring out over a sound that seems largely rooted in Cannibal Corpse. While there definitely are elements of truly old school death metal in the recordings (Just look at the Slayer-esque solo lines on a song like Celestial Ceremony) there is also a sense of modern madness in the execution. The album is very well produced (Although I would like to pull the guitar tone a bit out of the murk) and it has a distinct riffing style that lets it really get to the heart of the matter. Diabolical Messiah confidently establish what is very much their own sound on Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! and it is easy to fall under their spell.

Simply put, Diabolical Messiah are simply crushing. With destructive vocals that leave the listener gasping for air and unrelenting blast beats the band is able to put together the kind of swirling death metal that can't help but to capture the imagination. The nonstop forward motion of Satan Tottendemon Victory is impressive and will capture your imagination, driving you to bleaker pastures and proving that in death metal the only true salvation is found. Invincible and immaculate, the Chilean metal army has once again proven their might.

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