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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Grunt - Codex Bizarre

Grunt is one of the most fascinating grindcore bands I've heard in a good long while. They represent something greater and more profound, a new direction for the genre and some truly exciting music that has the potential to ring out and dominate a scene that is in a state of constant evolution right now. A truly exciting band in a genre that has seen some of the past few years most exciting releases, Codex Bizarre represents all of the bombastic and iconoclastic weirdness that made Grunt so great in the first place.

When I say that Grunt pull in dance music and gabber elements to their sound I'm not saying that they are trying to be like Korn or some other derivative nu metal band. Rather - they are using moments of EDM and even dubstep to provide a counterpoint to the balls out insanity and brooding madness of their sound. The fusion rarely sees the styles laying on top of each other but rather feeding into each other and allowing the artistry of each to shine even more beautifully. It makes Codex Bizarre seem even more extreme and futuristic, cementing their place as one of the most unique bands grinding it up out there right now.

Grunt understand the sheer poetry of grindcore and are not afraid to mix in all manner of distinct elements, hell, even the guitar solos on this record have structure! Grunt seem dedicated to allowing grindcore to see past its common limitations and bringing the genre into a bold future - one it has long desired and always deserved. Codex Bizarre may very well be the beginning of a new age - it's just a matter of seeing if the band can continue to grow their distinct sound and keep our hearts in their clenched fists.

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