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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Istidraj - Muerte Mundi Militia

A huge part of why I listen to black metal has to do with the diversity of the genre. Yesterday I wrote about how transcendent Wildernessking is, today I'm covering the Singaporean black metal maniacs in Istidraj and their new record Muerte Mundi Militia which is, between you and me, kind of terrifying, and all the better because of it. With only two hundred and fifty copies going out of this cassette, Istidraj's fourth full length in twenty two years, it's hard not to be impressed with what the band has done and the pure blasphemy that they invoke. Muerte Mundi Militia is searing black metal at its finest and its thirst for blood is unquenchable.

There is a very poignant sense of desperation to what Istidraj do and the way that they revel in the vile sins of songs like Earth's Crematoria is refreshing. Istidraj are not afraid to hearken back to an older time whilst simultaneously blazing forward with riffs that grate on the heart and depressed cries that seem torn out of hell. Istidraj are more than just a black metal band, they are legends in their own lifetimes and the progenitors to a generation of filth. The electronic remix of Lux Noir that appears at the end of this record only help to make it more unique and interesting, providing a touch of aggrotech to cap off a unique journey.

In the end, Muerte Mundi Militia is another fitting addition to the surprisingly diverse Singaporean black metal canon, and really the metal canon as a whole. Istidraj stand for something older, greater, ad more powerful than many of us have ever seen, and the visceral realities, painted over top of a demented worldview are strangely addictive. This is a band who have never been afraid to invert the cross and now in one of histories darkest hours the band is back to once more show that for the, darkness is the way out.

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