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Friday, December 11, 2015

Wildernessking - Mystical Future

I've always been very impressed by Wildernessking. This is a band who understand the fundamental nature of black metal and trudge forward with a punishing attack. That being said, Wildernessking remain one of the smartest bands in black metal, this new record Mystical Future takes all of the potency of The Writing Of Gods In The Sand to a new level, creating some of the most intellectual and fascinating black metal that I have heard in a good long while. Resonant and exciting - this is what the genre should be about.

The searing magic of Wildernessking is such that it invokes the gods of old and carries us through mystical soundscapes. There is a very real poetry to the music on Mystical Future that manifests itself in the soaring acoustic moments on a track like To Transcend. Of course ,this is wonderfully contradicted by moments of blazing guitars and non stop blast beats. These beautiful contradictions and open ended sound poems seem to conjure up profound images and have an almost atavistic bent. Despite the densely packed notes there is a real sense of openness to the sound here that makes it easy to dig into Mystical Future and find the magic within.

The balance of dark and light on Mystical Future transcends words and hints at even greater things to come for these South Africans. With a profound sense of melody and a wonderful understanding of where metal is these days Wildernessking have managed to put together an album that takes you on a veritable journey. Few other black metal bands out there right now have the same understanding of songwriting that Wildernessking do and almost none have the same potential. I get the impression that this is a band who, once they break out of South Africa will be able to take the world by storm.

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