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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Post X-Mas Gig Metal Mania in Nepal

So this time we will like to take you all to Nepal. After the massive earthquake and now currently suffering from some political blockage one of the oldest show of Nepal is coming in action. If you are from Nepal and you are a metal-head from the late 90's and early 2000 you will be excited to know that  Metal Mania is back after 10 long years of Hiatus. As per our talk with their representative Sagyan who is also one of our contributor writer for our zine, Metal Mania is back in action with a team of highly dedicated music personalities from the country. Metal Mania was initially formed by Rojesh Shrestha frontman of X-Mantra in 2000; but the show could not continue after its 5th installment as the country was suffering from civil war. Recently Rojesh paired up with guys like Sabiyan Lama (Defenders' Of Metal), Sagun Shrestha (Sound engineer) Sagyan Dhakal (S N R M B), Shashi Joshi (Sound). The team constitutes of dedicated names from the Rock/Metal industry of Nepal who are are active and working in the scene from quite a time. 

Talking about the gig, the lineup constitutes of;
Dying Out Flame


International Zine Support
Two Guys Metal Reviews (France)

Local Zine/Promoters Support
Defenders' Of Metal (Kathmandu)
Extreme Underground Metal Society Of Nepal (Kathmandu)
S N R M B (Kathmandu)

Distro Support
Melvi (Nepal)


TICKET PRICE :- NRS 300 50% off to ladies i.e Rs 150
Date 26th December 2015

The Show starts exactly at 1200hrs. 

Some facts regarding Metal Mania
  • The show is back after 10 years of Hiatus.
  • The main theme is uniting entire music entity as one.
  • A platform where each and every bands know each other.
  • Everyone can place their view and discussions will be done on that topic so as to come with some productive output.
  • The team constitutes of highly dedicated and experienced personals who are/were involved in the Nepalese music scene from a quite a time.
  • As per them the main reason behind Metal Mania is uniting all bands as one.
  • Decisions are made based on the meetings where there is equal participation of bands, promoters, agents and all entity of the rock,metal and punk scene.
  • So far, 2 meetings has been conducted and as per source it is the 1st time in Nepalese music industries history that the team makes decision based on discussion  with each and every factors that are the part of scene.
  • 20% of the fund raised from the sales of ticket are paid to the bands. Yes, every band will get paid.
  • Extensive pre and post gig meetings are planned so as to make the events much effective and better in future days.
  • From March the main event is planned to commence. 
  • 6 months, 6 shows where new bands and old bands share the same stage.
  • It is planned that in future Metal Mania will happen in different cities of the nation. Thus Providing platform to hidden talents from different part of the country.

About the event METAL MANIA
  • METAL MANIA is in fact a pre gig. The main event is planned to start from March.
  • The event constitute of 6 bands of different sub-genres of metal.
  • X-Mantra is playing in a entirely metal show after a long time.
  • Raktasur is making a debut in the scene v.i.a this gig.
  • Aatmaglani constitute of lady on guitars.
We entire Two Guys Metal Reviews crews convey our best wishes to the organizers and Merry X-Mas to all the metal maniac's brothers and sisters from Nepal. 

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