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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Grieved - S/T

Grieved have rapidly won a place in my heart because more than many other bands on the scene these guys have found a wondrous sense of despair in their music. The tortured madness of this self titled effort is impressive to say the least and leaves you in thrall to punishing grooves and tortured screams that put the rest of the hardcore scene to shame. There is a darkness to what Grieved do that is almost unparalleled in the genre and speaks to the bands ability to push the envelope on what the genre could be.

The obvious thing t do would be to compare Grieved to a band like Full Of Hell, but while there are definitely similar elements (Especially in regards to the noisier aspects of the music and the artistry of the songwriting) Grieved run on a much slower broil. There is a sense of brooding despair here that slowly builds, coming out in waves and leaving you to suffocate - a slave to the vile substance that is Grieved. The inherent chaos within is channeled tastefully, creating a record that forces you to  reconsider how you view hardcore, but does not go so far as to leave the listener feeling lost and confused. 

Simply put - Grieved are fascinating and talented songwriters who run their work through a hardcore lens that simply reeks of the harsher side of life. Wonderfully cathartic and unafraid to crunch forward, leaving the listener almost in pain the band has managed to cultivate a distinct sonic aesthetic. It's easy to fall into these rhythms and become enamored with their trudge, Grieved is certainly not a hardcore record for the faint of heart, but it is certainly one worth delving deep into, you won't regret it. 

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