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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Varg - Das Ender Aller Lugen

Varg - Das Ende aller Lügen

Varg captured my imagination with Rottkapchen, their recent Little Red Riding Hood themed EP so it seemed appropriate that I take the time to go in and check out their upcoming full length, the fiery Das Ender Aller Lugen a folk metal record that sees the band doing what they do best. With powerful choruses and moments of unadulterated black metal fury this album sees the band at their best, delivering the kind of music that I almost feel like they were destined to release. Intelligent, ferocious, and dangerous but also kind of fun.

There is something wonderfully natural about the music of Varg that makes you feel like they were almost destined to be folk metal musicians. The way that the melodies seem to flow so naturally and the riffs pump forth so gracefully is impressive and reminds me why I fell so deeply in love with this kind of music in the first place. I think the most important thing to note about this record though is that it feels distinctly angrier than other Varg releases, and perhaps now more than ever the band seems to be driven by a rage borne of old. Of course, ratcheting up the intensity has only made the blasting magic of Varg more potent than ever – as if the band is finally becoming who they were destined to be.

The wolf pack that is Varg are wholly aware of their own devastation. The chaos found within and the atavistic magic of the melodies is only going to make people like me want to raise our fists and cry out to the old gods. Varg get the fundamental power of folk metal and why it matters so much, even in our high speed chrome world. This is a band who bring it back to the basics and have been bale to use their fundamental emotions to put out, what I at least think, is some of the very best music of their careers, hinting at much more greatness to come.

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