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Monday, December 7, 2015

Vision Of Disorder - Razed To The Ground

It's been a while since I got a chance to review a record like Razed To The Ground. It's an album that finds an interesting balance of crushing metallic hardcore masterpieces, fun tracks with powerful skull crushing anthems, and then more introspective pieces. While there definitely is a general thread of destruction that winds its way through the entire record this album is surprisingly fun to listen to and one that will get your head banging and body shaking. Vision Of Disorder understand the power of the genre more than most of their peers - making their latest release a wild ride of a record.

There is something deliciously violent about Razed To The Ground. The way that the riffs seem to barely hold together and the band seems to be positively bursting at the seams with nervous energy is stunning. There is a sense of internal terror on Razed To The Ground that leaves the listener distinctly uncomfortable, which speaks to the inherent power of the songwriting. The crushing swagger on a track like Electric Sky speaks to the towering might of the band. There stomping riffs and angular playing grinds its way into your gut and forces you to acknowledge the burning devilry found not so deep within.

Diverse, fascinating, and eagerly proving the musical capabilities of the band, Vision Of Disorder are hotly touted for a reason - they are bringing their genre into places it hasn't really gone before and doing so with tact and aplomb. Vision Of Disorder understand what the function of heavy music in our lives is and are thus able to refine a sound that borrows from a little bit of everything yet remains reassuringly natural throughout. Vision Of Disorder are here to expand your mind and break your legs, hop on board, it's time to burn.

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