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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Auroch - From Forgotten Worlds

There is a very profound power to the raw crushing power of death metal. The sonic annihilation that shines through in a record like Auroch's latest, the almighty From Forgotten Worlds is hard to deny and is far to much fun to dig in too. Auroch get at the primal spirit of death metal, fusing old school sounds with a few more modern elements to help develop a sound that is spine shatteringly their own, the kind of thing that reaches out, resonates with the listener, and then breaks their fucking teeth beyond all point of repair.

The thing is - even as Auroch occasionally slip into monotonal growled passages that just serves as a bare Segway between moments of artful intensity. There is something strangely poetic about the devastating screams and doomy magic of a track like Pathogenic Talisman that speaks to the original force behind death metal and invokes something greater, nobler, and destined to guide us on to a better tomorrow. This is the sort of thing that gives the whole genre meaning and reminds us why we bothered to get into this weird world in the first place - because bands like Aurochs reflect the spirit of tortured madness that should define what death metal is.

Auroch is the sound of mayhem, the sound of the soul leaving the body and the inevitable realization that this life too shall pass. The thing is though, despite how it may feel and despite what so many of us tend to think  there is in fact a meaning that can be found through death metal, a sort of greater power that is reflected in angular riffs, blazing guitar parts, punishing chugs and wonderfully varied vocals that betray the surprisingly complex art of he death growl. Auroch are metal masters in the making and with a little more production and refinement they will be a veritable death metal machine.

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