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Friday, January 8, 2016

Serenity - Codex Atlanticus

Serenity is on of those glorious power metal bands that makes the European scene so rich and speaks to the eternal power of the genre. The depth of the music is impressive, but beyond that the triumphant compositions and epic tone-poems that define this record help to prove the magic of power metal. Beyond that though - this is a band who simply know how to put together top notch tracks, songs with Disney-esque melodies and a simple love for all that is high powered and over the top.

Codex Atlantics captures the imagination with their sense of powerful forward motion that guides you throughout the record. Beyond that - the implementation of the synths is absolutely stellar. It helps to show the quality of the musicianship is impressive and adds to the sheer bombast of the music. The careening bliss of this album, as it leaps from peak to peak and demonstrates the bands sheer sonic triumph it becomes harder and harder not to fall in love with what Serenity have done here. This is a band who have taken their art to a higher level - lifted the music up to a bold new world and guided you on a surprisingly fun adventure that remains enjoyable for spin after spin.

This is a band who have managed to grow for years, who have slowly put together the magic of their sound and now locked in what is easily the best album of their career. In a flash of intuition the band has somehow been able to put out a record that they deserved to put out, an album that represents the triumph of a scene that for too long has toiled in obscurity. Serenity have captured the beauty of a genre that is just that, serene. Not just Joey Wheelers little sister anymore this is a band who have come into their own as gods of their own scene.

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