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Friday, January 29, 2016

Contrarian - Polemic

Technical death metal; a genre that involves an large array of complex time signatures, as well as some intense slam groove.  Contrarian premier album Polemic, offers a wide variety of different soundscapes that allows you on a journey through space and time.  With this thick layered bass as the undertone for some heavy technical guitar as well as some spacey progressive synths that might make you ask yourself, "Am I Darth Vader's son?".  Polemic gives off this sort of technical death metal vibe but it tries to push the boundaries of ambient and progressive soundscapes by pushing these progressive synth into creating a sort of skull crushing technical death album in the likes of Womed first album "Planisferium".  But this album offers way more then just a technical death metal album.   with some cookie cutter space lyrics.  Polemic offers some incredibly technical blast beats as well as some intense guttered vocals that can really awaken the force within you.

Another element I really like about Polemic is that while still embracing it's technical metal roots, Contrarian blends some elements of  both groove with some very airy and clean solos.  Songs like "Foreknowledge" and "Diogenes at Delphi" quenches a thirst for a fresh element within technical death metal.  Where there are elements of these very beautiful written guitar solos.  What separates Contration newest release compared to other bands in the technical death metal genre is there ability to create a sort of ambient sound in between hard crushing brutality.  It is a refreshing sort of change, and I feel like in many ways it makes Contrarian a forefather into an evolution into new territories of brutality.  This might sound unusual to some listeners, but let me tell you, it shows how talented Contrarian really is.

Not only is Contrarian able to have some well thought out technical musicianship, but they also know when to slow the tempo down of the song to help create beautiful soundscapes to build up into a mind numbing intensity that death metal delivers.  Contrarian is creating new and innovative ways to create incredibly brutal music while breaking barriers within listeners as to what defines technical death metal.  Brutality with a twist!

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