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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Necronomicon - Advent Of The Human God

Season of Mist have been putting out some really cool bands lately that I am convinced have some very real potential in the metal mainstream. The latest of these is Necronomicon who balance top notch production with black metal riffs to create a sound that is wonderfully bombastic and endlessly exciting. There is a sort of serene over the top kind of magic to Advent Of The Human God that makes people like me lose our shit, Necronomicon are expanding the boundaries of the genre and building towards something greater than we could ever imagine.

What really strikes me about Advent Of The Human God is that despite a more traditional backdrop Necronomicon really are trying to expand what the genre can be. There are touches of NWOBHM type stuff alongside riffs that wouldn't feel out of place on a thrash metal album. There is something wonderfully visceral about the bass heavy chugs on a song like Unification Of The Four Pillars. It provides a powerful sonic backdrop for an album that transcends many of the common limitations of this kind of music. It fits into a greater tradition but it also shows that Necronomicon are trying to expand upon it - and though they might not be where they want to be quite yet the potential is clearly there.

Advent Of The Human God is amazing because it represents so much of what we love about black metal whilst keeping things exciting. It's not to challenging but it's not trying to be, but that doesn't mean that it can't bring in new ideas. With more than a few death metal tinges on tracks like Crown Of Thorns (Which is absolutely Lamb of God-y if we're being honest) Necronomicon makes for a pleasantly addictive listen. So come along, get lost in big soundscapes and punchy riffs - Necronomicon may have unveiled the future of their genre.

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