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Monday, January 25, 2016

Devilskin - We Rise

I'll admit - it definitely took me a minute to into Devilskin - but one I did I didn't regret a single minute of. Though the band and their new record We Rise aren't necessarily in my wheelhouse it's impossible to den their prodigious talent, with spiraling riffs and potent chugs crunching away behind the impressive vocals of frontwoman Jennie Skulander. A band who have overcome the odds of being a touring act from New Zealand the hard work and dedication behind the modern metal masters is almost immediately palatable.

What really strikes me about this record is how big Skulander is able to make her voice sound. It helps to create something inherently exciting about Devilskin. This is a band who stand up for so much more than themselves - they represent the magic of rock and roll. It can be found in the distinct riffing style, taking elements of nu metal, yet infusing very distinct grooves of their own. The utterly cohesive vibe of the record is fascinating and allows the listener to get lost in waves of sound. The chunky guitar playing is a highlight here - it's not to flashy, it simply sparks along nicely and gives the record a remarkable sense of depth.

The 'recommended likes' feature on Facebook made me really realize what this band is onto though. They are almost a burlier, more impressive version of The Pretty Reckless - they take that bands aesthetic and bring it a step forward. Refining it and creating a sort of bridge into the metal world. Of course, Devilskin are so much more than that too - they seem dedicated to expanding their sound and definitively proving that not only is this a band with massive mainstream potential, but also one who understand good songwriting, and with that in hand they are ready to take on the globe.

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