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Monday, January 25, 2016

Karma To Burn - Mountain Czar

Karma To Burn are one of those bands that I've heard about all the time but never really had a chance to check out - I don't know why but I just never really invested myself in them. Now that I've taken a listen to their new EP, the five track Mountain Czar though I know that I need more of this band in my life, and stat. Kicking off the record with the wonderfully meaty riffage of Sixty-Two and then breaking into dazzling solos and pummeling grooves it's hard for any love of rock and roll to not find in themselves a deep appreciation for Karma To Burn

The thing is with Mountain Czar something feels incredibly natural - as if this is what was meant to happen when you get a group of young men into a room and give them guitars, amps and drums. The organic magic of Mountain Czar is what keeps me coming back time and time again, digging into epic constructions and top notch guitar solos that are pretty much perfectly constructed - finding just the right balance between improvisational mastery and compositional brilliance. That being said, Mountain Czar isn't all about jamming, there is also a certain gravitas to the riffs, a sort of epic and sacred rite being carried out before your very ears.

Fusing dark and light, chaos and order, Mountain Czar is an album that takes some getting used to, even if it is awesome through and through. The sole track featuring a vocalist, Uccidendo Un Sogno is absolutely killer too and I think helps us to see how great these are guys simply as composers. Karma To Burn have invoked something truly special on Mountain Czar something that is smart but not challenging, music that could pass as radio rock but pushes boundaries and gives us access to new sounds that we might never otherwise have known. Simply put - Mountain Czar proves in five tracks what most bands never do, that Karma To Burn are rock and roll masters.

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