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Friday, January 22, 2016

Holy Grail - Times Of Pride And Peril

Holy Grail have always captured my imagination, and I've loved the band ever since most of their current lineup was in White Wizzard. The band has grown quite a bit since then tough, and their latest record, the all powerful Times Of Pride And Peril has rapidly become one of my favorites from these California rockers. With the usual emphasis on powerful riffs, epic choruses and flashy guitar solos Holy Grail prove once again that not only are they some badass musicians, but they are also dudes who are unafraid to say it like it is.

It's interesting to see how Holy Grail have matured as they are a band who I've very much grown up watching. Timse Of Pride And Peril is a long shot from earlier work, and though the traditional bombast and swords and sorcery magic that defines the band is still there you see Holy Grail have started to grow up. There seems to be a bit more focus on chunky rhythms and I feel like this album is a bit more midpaced than usual. Of course - high energy ragers like Sudden Death remind us while we fell in love the band in the first place whilst simultaneously bridging the gap into the vibes that define this particular record. One thing that really gets me about this album is the use of guitarmonies, Holy Grail execute perfectly and help us to see why they grew so popular in the first place.

Times Of Pride And Peril sees the band moving on and becoming something greater than they originally conceived. The shreddy licks and big riffs working together to help define an album that shows a group of young men just starting to really make it in the world of rock and roll. Simply put - these guys rip and it's hard not to fall in love with what the and has been able to do with this album. Holy Grail have always seemed destined for something special and it feels like now more than ever they are about to get the huge break they so readily deserve.

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