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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Amoth - Revenge

Revenge is one of those records that sees a combination of disparate feeling influences coming together to create a album that is at once cohesive but also diverse enough to stay interesting. Beyond that though - Revenge has a fascinating execution - some moments truly shining ad others falling flat. It creates an interesting listening experience and one that shows us what the band has been building towards. While yes - these guys are relatively new you can till hear oodles of potential here - it's just a matter of cracking through.

I think I still haven't been able to fall in love with the vocals on Revenge but I also realize they may very well may not be for me. What does really get my attention though is the brilliant artistry behind the guitar playing - sure the tone might not be my cup of tea but the playing is spectacular. Spiraling solos and delicious riffs come together to give Amoth a unique flavor that has the power metal nerd in me freaking out and falling in love with the very primal magic of a band who aren't afraid to push boundaries. Amoth are aware of their own bombast - and at their best they capitalize to create a high powered and over the top listening experience.

Simply put - Amoth are one of those Finnish metal bands who definitely deserve a listen, even i hey do need to grow a bit before they can take the world by storm. That's fine though because Revenge is a damn good time. It reflects a band who get the fundamental spirit of metal and rushing forward with them and their impenetrable rage it's hard not to start digging some of the chunkier riffs and flashier solos. Amoth understand what makes them good, and the more they play together the more they wil come into their true potential.

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