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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mondo Drag - The Occultation Of Light

After a stressful day down at the freelance writing ranch it's always satisfying to be able to sit back and chill out with some heavy psychedelic vibes. Mondo Drag bring exactly that on The Occultation Of Light a wonderfully weird and fuzzed out release that really gets the spirit of psychedelic music in all of its twisted glory. There is an inherent weirdness here to the jazzy keyboard fills and hypnotizing bass lines that helps to make The Occultation Of Light one of my favorite releases of 2016 thus far.

The Occultation Of Light is one of those records that you can't help but getting lost in. The and members are all incredibly talented and the jam oriented feel of these tracks helps to make it a mesmerizing experience. The way things sort of ease forward and give you a chance to really sink into the music is strangely refreshing. Above all though - you can not understate the power of the organs and synths on this record. They provide a nice fuzzed out feel and couch everything in a sort of Jon Lord-esque haze. It provides a sense of artistry to the work and nicely pads out the sound for the Blue Cheer inspired guitar parts.

There's a lot to dig in to and vibe out on on The Occultation Of Light. This is a band who aren't afraid to break the rules and who feel the pure sexual magic of rock and roll. Mondo Drag use their crunchy guitars and punchy piano parts to give you a chance to just ride out on a cloud, feel the surrealistic pillow of your soul escape you and slowly step into a psychedelic dreamland. This isn't a band to be taken lightly, but rather a group who have a sort of spiritual connection to rock and roll and all that it entails.

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