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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Omnihility - Dominion Of Misery

There's something about really good techdeath that speaks to your inner fifteen year old. Te brutal riffs and guttural vocals coming together with some punishing grooves to create music that doesn't just cause physical pain - it guides you towards a sort of apocalyptic and fiery future Dominion Of  Misery, the latest record from Eugene death dealers Omnihility does exactly this - and more. Reminding us of the eternal power of straight up death metal - and yet still unafraid to toss in all sorts of tasty frills. 

There is a sense of controlled chaos about Dominion Of Misery that makes it surprisingly addictive. The spiraling riffs and punishing chugs come together to generate music that leaves the listener absolutely suffering - a slave to the gut crushing substance within. Beyond that - holy shit can these guys play. The angular riffage and punishing drum work reminds us exactly why Omnihility are held in such high regard. There's a palatable sense of groove here too. Sure there's an absolute fuckton of notes being played, but Omnihility toss in punchy rhythms that help to make their unique brand of death metal mindlessly addictive.

Does it feel like the record is competing with itself to have as many notes as possible in a song sometimes? Yes. But then you listen to a track with clear slams like Dementia Praecox and I think it becomes obvious what Omnihility are really trying to do. Yeah the drum sound suffers here and there, but again - even this is drowned out in a storm of top notch guitar playing and wonderfully guttural growls. Omnihility bring the rage on every track here and once you dive into their tech death mastery it's nearly impossible to drag yourself back out.

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