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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obscura - Akroasis

I'll be honest , I never much liked Obscura. I thought they were wanky and over the top and just didn't see the point - even after having seen them live once. That all change for me with this new record Akroasis though yes, there are definitely some flashier moments here and there, but Akroasis shows us a whole new band, a band who have an incredible understanding of songwriting and bring in all sorts of Cynic-inspired elements into there own very unique brand of technical death metal. The poetry behind their sound and lyricism of the work is impressive and speaks to a bold new future for death metal.

What Obscura have figured out is how to keep their trademark intensity whilst simultaneously ratcheting up the pure magic of the work. Far jazzier than ever before and wonderfully vocal in their songwriting there is something almost poetic about Akroasis. The bass playing in particular is absolutely perfect. The way that the band delivers on songs like Perpetual Infinity speaks to the new power of this group. Yet beyond that they have managed to keep the weird riffs and hectic playing that made so many flock to them in the first place. Obscura have grown up - but only gotten better and more interesting.

Simply put - even though I'm not really a tech death guy I find Akroasis to be endlessly fascinating. It shows me the inherent power of this genre and is filled with powerful melodies and exciting musical twists and turns that have me swooning. This is everything a dude could want out of a death metal record and more, Obscura have transcended themselves and even started to move beyond death metal. Now I have to ask what the hell the geniuses behind this band are planning on conjuring up next.

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