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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Tips - Twists'n'Turns

Regular readers know that every once in a while I like to cover some material that is kind of out of left field, at least for a metal blog. I think this is what drew me to covering Dusseldorf reggae trio The Tips today. Their new record, Twists'n'Turns is a fascinating fusion of punk rock and more traditional reggae sounds that isn't afraid to get bombastic. The end result is an album that will interest and excite the listener and provoke a deeper look, not just into what punk music can be, but really rock and roll as a whole.

The distinctive rhythms of The Tips are nicely offset by occasional punk twists and turns (Get it?) and the vaguely psychedelic vibe keeps things nicely laid back. It also helps to communicate a sentiment of almost extraterrestrial torment. Toss in the occasional mind bending solo and you start to get a record that feels almost unreal. Twists'n'Turns has captured my attention, not just because it's an awesome album but because it has a mood all of its own. The distinctive sonic flavors painted by these songs is oftentimes unreal and requires a couple of listens to really nail down. The Tips are pushing rock music in interesting new ways, and the weirder the better.

There is a very visceral power to the protests and pleas of desperation that accentuate this record. Despite the cheery exterior there is something wonderfully dark about what The Tips are doing here and wrapping your head around it is only the first step in the rock and roll nightmare that this band represents. They are fully aware of their own innovation, and while others have managed to produce similar stuff it's The Tips who push it to a whole new level and make their sound that which could define a new generation.

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