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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Prong - No Absolutes

Prong have been on an absolute rear lately, I've seen them something like four or five times in the last year and a half simply because they have been putting out a ton of music and been on tour apparently constantly. It's encouraging to see a bonafide rock band doing so well these days and it's easy to see why when they are putting out music this good. No Absolutes sees the bands fronting a much harsher sound than on previous records and emphasizing a groove metal element their music that keeps things exciting.

No Absolutes is the sound of a band honed into a tight hyper efficient unit by years of playing together and performing in front of massive crowds. There is no fluff here - every song is tightly compressed and kept devastating and to the point. Sure it's not my cup of tea, and some of the lyrics could be touched up, but the point remains No Absolutes is an impressive step forward for the band. It sees them taking the most aggressive and to the point elements of their sound and using them to grind the listener down to a nub. A huge part of the appeal of No Absolutes is in the driving forward momentum, from start to finish it is impossible to put this album down, it is compelling, high powered and destined to capture your heart.

The artistry behind No Absolutes. This is an album with a very real sense of urgency, it sees the traditional Prong elements refine down to their purest form forcing posers to adapt or die under the punishing grooves of songs like In Spite of Hindrances (A late album highlight) or the powerful title track. Prong are moving forward very quickly now with a dedication that I can only admire - so hop on board the bandwagon or suffer being left behind because this band is going to become the titans of a new generation.

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