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Monday, January 18, 2016

Oranssi Pazuzu - Värähtelijä

What I love about this blog is that every once in a while I click on a random link in my inbox with the hopes of finding a new band to write about and the band ends up ripping my face off. There is a very real sonic poetry to Värähtelijä its inherent weirdness and diversity capturing my attention for spin after spin. While Värähtelijä is certainly a dense listen, and one that requires a strong knowledge of music to even scratch the surface of, it is extremely rewarding. The power electronics-esque passages melding flawlessly with moments of doom metal magic to create a record that from beginning to end rocks.

What you need to be aware of before diving int Värähtelijä is that this is an album that is really seeking to expand what music can be. There's a lot of ambient sound an organic distortion brought into the mix, and while it is certainly oriented around a base sound that could loosely be described as 'metal' Oranssi Pazuzu is in fact far weirder than just that. This is a band who compose quarter of an hour long suites with sounds unlike any you have ever heard before. This isn't just avant garde, this is almost avant avant garde. Taking the weirdest and most eclectic sounds known to man and then pulling them back together into a discernible whole. Of course - that doesn't mean that this is an album for the faint of heart, but rather those willing to navigate forests of noise to find a sort of greater truth about the human condition. 

There is something strangely comforting about this record. As if despite the weird guitar work and very distinct sounds that define Värähtelijä it gives us a chance to look at ourselves outside of the box of traditional Western art. This is a release that expands your mind but also shows that music is a sort of interdimensional being, and every time that you think you have got it under control you've in fact only just started to scratch the surface. Oranssi Pazuzu are breaking the world and then putting it back together in their own image and Värähtelijä is their greatest statement. 

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