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Friday, January 1, 2016

Revenge - Behold.Total.Rejection

Revenge is another one of those bands hat has shamefully passed under my radar until now. I've been on a big pop punk kick lately (Come at me bro) so that makes the sheer aural destruction of the bands new record Behold.Total.Rejection all the more stunning. Intentionally muddy, beautifully chaotic and with a wonderfully awful sounding bass drum this is the band that eats other blackened death metal bands for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the opening seconds of the album it is immediately clear, Revenge might have been the heaviest thing to happen in 2015.

Behold.Total.Rejection is like something from a different planet, this band can only really be compared to Nails in terms of sheer intensity. The buzzing guitars and drums that just ring in your eats reflect the inherent bitterness behind a band that God forgot. In a world where we are all exposed to brutal death metal and think it silly it's always weird to find a band that make you take a step back and go 'oh shit.' but Revenge are that band. They understand the American hardcore polemic but fuse it with some very European tendencies to get a sound that is timeless and will have power over the whole world.

As you hear this band blaze forward, at once invoking the darkest moments of black metals demo days as well as the rabid intensity of more modern releases it becomes impossible to deny that Revenge are on the absolute cutting edge. This is a band who no one can tell what to do. A band who will drive every nail into your skull and then laugh as you suffer. Revenge don't care what you think all they know is suffering, and the sublime darkness and overpowering noisy annihilation will have you writhing in the murk.

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