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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hegemon - The Hierarch

I always feel bad when a record this good initially flies under my radar. That being said - there is something simply amazing about what Hegemon have been able to do on their latest record The Hierarch. An album that perfectly fuses old school black metal sounds with a lot of the magic that defines the modern scene The Hierarch is almost a crossover record, one that takes from all of the best parts of the epic black metal canon in order to create something that reigns high above all of its peers.

While a lot of old school black metal worship has a tendency to fall flat and simply turn into Darkthrone Hegemon have done a great job of infusing the music with their own twist, even if they still include more than a little Emperor worship. That being said - the overall quality of the composition and the enduring effects of the music are impressive. The way that the album lunges forward, at first going for the throat and then easing back and allowing you to sink into a meditative passage is fascinating and will keep you coming back for more - what can I say? The Hierarch is simply that good.

What Hegemon are doing is crafting a new way forward for black metal. They take all of the intellectual brilliance of the genre and borrow heavily, but do it in such a way that their creation is wholly their own, inherently fascinating and epic in scope. As you delve into this record and start to realize what it represents something clicks into place. It's as if this was the black metal record that the world has been waiting for. Hegemon bring together both sides of the spectrum into something exciting and potent, a new wave of fury for a new type of fan.

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