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Friday, January 15, 2016

Seven Sisters of Sleep - Ezekiel's Hags

Seven Sisters of Sleep are one of those weirdly fascinating bands who seem to really reflect the trend for pure, strangely cleansing ugliness that we have in music right now. The heavy, ungodly vibes of their new record, the pummeling, suffocation Ezekiel's Hags represents all that heavy music can be. Utterly primitive, surprisingly complex and full to the brim of triumphanly evil riffs that will choke out your spirit this is the kind of album who leave you gasping for air and wondering if their really ever was any meaning in the first place.

The signature crush of the band, as evidenced on songs like Plateau speaks to the groups ability to simply annihilate the listener. It's hard to listen to this record and not feel utterly overwhelmed with the beautiful darkness found within. I've written before about bands that have a dedication to brutality, that isn't really the case with Seven Sisters of Sleep - what they have is perhaps even more wondrously repugnant - it's a dedication to all that is vile. Seven Sister of Sleep invoke blackened realities and demented dreams, forcing you to confront the bleakest aspects of this world and take it with a bloody smile - building for a future that only gets worse.

Crashing forward and leaving the listener suffering, their is something strangely refreshing about this album, it represents the darkest sides of humanity and gives us a chance to delve into a world thta is far too easy to ignore. Seven Sisters of Sleep understand the virile and violent beauty of this kind of music and the more you feel the blood pou down across your face the more you realize that Seven Sisters of Sleep are veritable prophets - speaking to an unforgiving reality that one day we all must turn around and face.

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