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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Throne Of Heresy - Antioch

There is something endlessly charming about the bombast and chaos of blackened death metal, especially when done like Throne Of Heresy. Their new record Antioch sees the band taking their highly refined sound to the next level. With perfectly polished songs that are oftentimes reminiscent of masters like Behemoth, Throne Of Heresy invoke gloriously Satanic images with their music and force you to raise the horns into the air. This is a band who are simply enamored with all things heavy metal, making their latest release endless fun.

As you feel the perpetual crush of this record slam down around you it's hard not to be charmed by the blazing magic of the band. The way that they rush forward, taking no prisoners and then suddenly turn around on a dime to put out a stunning melody is impressive and speaks to the eternal power of this band. Beyond that there is a certain divine poetry to the angular playing and precise execution that defines this album. It shows you that no matter how chaotic or over the top that Throne Of Heresy may claim to be there is in fact a whole hell of a lot more behind this band and what they have started to represent.

Is Antioch especially challenging? No. But thats not the goal. What this record seeks to do is expand your mind and allow you taste the unholy liquor of blackened death metal. What Throne Of Heresy do better than almost all of their peers is songwriting. Simply put these are some of the tightest tracks you will ever hear, this is a band who put together some truly kickass material that will get you coming back for spin after spin. Throne Of Heresy understand the fundamental power of black metal and when fused with musicianship this potent it becomes impossible to deny their magic.

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