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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cherubs - Fist In The Air

Cherubs are legends for a reason their sound has always been expansive, weird, chaotic and strangely encouraging. Their new EP Fist In The Air is a follow up to the bands 2015 comeback album 2 Ynfynyty. We sit here now with definitve proof that not only are Cherubs putting out better material than ever, but that it looks like they are going to be doing it a breakneck pace. The inherent madness, fuzzed out drama and latent sonic punishment that comes from a monstrous riff on a track like Donkey Suite serves as a perfect reminder as to why we fell in love with this music in the first place.

While it's clear, as it was on 2 Ynfynyty that Cherubs have aged it simply means that they have evolved with the times and moved on to become something greater than any previous iteration. The touches of old school punk ramming up against influences that feel distinctly modern shows us that Cherubs isn't just a band stuck in time, they are a band expanding their sound and providing some really cool steps forward. I really like the pair of remixes for the title track tacked on to the end of the album, it helps to show the enduring legacy of the band and it's interesting to hear their distinctly fuzzy tones in a new context.

Cherubs are perhaps better than ever and their music remains dense, demented and above all, bizarre, and that's what I adore about Fist In The Air. The ethereal soundscapes and wibbly wobbly approach the band takes will pick apart your perception of reality and force you to embrace strange new worlds. So yeah - this isn't music for casual rock fans, but nothing on Brutal Panda was ever meant to be. Instead this is just an expansion on the badass work the label has done in the past proving thta even the old gods can still flourish.

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