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Friday, February 26, 2016

Full of Hell and The Body - One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

Two of the heaviest bands come together on one of the most fascinating cult labels in the world to put out music that at once sounds like both of them and yet expands on previous ideas in ways I didn't expect. Bands that are based in opposite sides of the country, one who play super fast music and the other who play super slow. On Day You Will Ache Like I Ache is one of the single most fascinating records of all time and it's reflective of all that these two bands stand for. Full Of Hell and The Body are endlessly exciting and if you are not ready to join them in embracing the pain of existence then fuck you.

The existential drones, harsh electronic vibes, and chaotic madness of this album perfectly reflects what both of these bands are about. While no, there are not a lot of riffs persay, One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache relies more heavily on pure vibes. The existential torment found in the twin screams of the bands cover of Leonard Cohen's The Butcher is absolutely stunning. It brings you down to a much bleaker reality, and the fusion of elements found within - and the inherent density brought about thereof is intensely satisfying to dig in to. One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache punishes the listener on multiple levels making this album a multisensory experience.

Few records conjure up the inherent terror of existence like this one. The way that it seems to perfectly plumb the depths of depression and explain away the nihilism of despair is strangely cathartic. Though this is definitely not a record for your casual metal fan, folks who dug previous records from these two acts are going to be blown away by what's presented here. Defying genre specifications and forcing you to reconsider your understanding of music this is one of the best records to come out this year thus far.

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